Terms and Conditions


Contract Engagements

The Artistes/Operators engagement under this contract is such that he/she would normally be treated as self employed for National Insurance & income Tax Purposes by reason of being under a contract for services.


Beyond Reasonable Control

No salary will be paid out for days and nights on which the DJ or Photographer is unable to carry out the agreed serivce for any reason beyond the Hirer’s control for instance War, Fire, Strikes, National Mourning, Natural disasters , or Lock-outs directly affecting the event and venue, or the Order of the Licensing or any Public Authority having jurisdiction, in every such event notice has to be provided to the Stateline Disco’s for with, failing which reasonable expenses must be paid.


Notifactions of Illnesses and Accidents

In the case of an accident or illness preventing one of our photographers or DJ’s from appearing, the Hirer will be advised at the earliest possible chance and, if neccessary by the hirer, the DJ or Photographer must supply a professional medical certificate. The Hirer shall not be required to cover the Dj’s fee for any performances in respect of which the DJ is unable to perform. Stateline Disco and Entertainment as the hiring agent shall make his best endeavours to aid the hirer to locate a replacement DJ or Photographer if asked.


Complaint Proceedings

Any dispute or challenge regarding an proposal under this contract may be referred to The Variety and Light Entertainment Council (VLEC) for Arbitration. Attendance during the arbitration hearing isn’t obligatory on either party. A Referral continues to be valid providing one of the parties is part of a VLEC constituent organisation or registered with the VLEC. This doesn’t preclude the right of either party for taking court proceedings.


Everyone’s Responsibility

The Hirer undertakes to supply a safe working environment for Stateline Disco employees and, where electrical devices are being used during the event, will make sure that regular examinations are executed. All signatories to this particular contract are encouraged to hold Public Liability insurance and any relevant equipment safety document. Equity and Musicians’ union members ‘in benefit’ are handled by the respective group Public Liability insurance.


Proprietary Rights

The DJ shall not infringe any copyright laws, patent or any other proprietary rights associated with a party and, in the eventuality of infringement, shall indemnify the Hirer from and against all damages, liabilities and charges suffered by the hirer consequently thereof. If the Artiste’s performance is contrary to the law or is objected to by any Licensing or any other Public Authority, the agreement according of which the objection is created could possibly be terminated by the Hirer unless the DJ shall forwith change his/her performance to remove illegality or objections.


Work from other sources

In the eventuality of this contract being made without the intervention of an Agent, the Hirer shall not charge, nor deduct any commission, and in the event of this contract being negotiated through an agent, the Hirer may only deduct commission for the agent on written instruction of the Artiste.


Who’s Responsible for loss of property or damaged items

its is a condition with this contract that the Hirer is not accountable for loss, nor harm to, the Stateline’s properly unless such loss or damage is brought on by the Hirer or his/her servants or agents and/or property is in the possession or control of the Hirer at the time of loss of damage.


Accountable Adults

If a children’s Entertainer is engaged under this contract it is a condition there ought to always be an accountable adult present whilst the DJ performs.


TV/RADIO/Internet Publishing

The DJ isn’t required under this contract to get acquainted with any sound or television broadcast or video recording from the Event or Venue, regardless of whether during a normal performance and, if the DJ agrees to a such broadcast, he/she will be free to negotiate some other fee.


Other useful information

Prohibition of act by payment of full contractual fee – provided the Hirer pays the DJ or Photographer his/her full contractual fee subject to the DJ operator duly rendering services or just being ready, willing and able to do so, the Hirer may, without giving any reason, prohibit the whole or part of the DJ’s performance.

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